Adidas Nemesis Ocean Storm windows, the second campaign roll out into Sports Direct, JD Sports and Adidas Own retail flag ship. We developed, manufactured and installed the windows working as a production partner with Intermarketing Agency. (Drum magazine, integrated Agency of the year 2016)

Features premium window display showing hanging banner key visual graphic behind athletic bands that are attached to the outer metal frame.
The athletic bands are strung from beams attached to the frame in straight and diagonal patterns, pinching in and held in place by metal cable ties in the centre. Boots are attached at angles to the metal cable ties.

Hanging banner display featuring Nemeziz creative. The background is on the banner at the back with the boots on additional cut layers in front of background to add depth/ layers to the window.

The Champions league ball is displayed on a bespoke plinth to mirror how the ball is displayed on match day. Campaign graphic wrap around the plinth and UCL and adidas lock up applied beneath ball.
The adidas logo, UCL logo and Nemeziz word mark are applied to both windows as vinyls.

The campaign was rolled out across Adidas own store on Oxford St, JD Sports stores and Sports Direct stores. We are retail also fitted the campaign across all stores mentioned.

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In store sits the activation zone comprising a large vault in a Nemeziz branded area. This vault can be scalable depending on store space. The prizes are locked inside. Graphic panels are slightly angled which would make messaging visable from the sides.

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