Adidas Stan Smith – Leading from the Front

The Adidas Stan Smith shoe emerged from a former world number one tennis player in the 1970’s, Stan Smith. Despite winning the US Open and Wimbledon, it’s more likely the famous Adidas trainer will come to your mind and not the decorated tennis player. The trainer was one of the first to be ‘all white’ with Adidas’s pioneering design.

The shoe originally started out as the Adidas Haillet, endorsed by French tennis player Robert Haillet, back in 1965. Following Haillet’s retirement, Adidas courted Stan Smith to be the new face of the shoe. However, Haillet’s name would appear on the shoe until 1978, at which point the shoe transitioned to be, ‘endorsed by Stan Smith’.

The shoes prominence quickly rose in the UK, becoming synonymous with popular culture. Another added benefit of Stan Smith’s endorsement was more exposure to the ever-growing US retail market. Before Stan Smith’s involvement, the shoe was predominantly sold throughout Europe. Adidas had sold over 20 million pairs of Stan Smith shoes by 1988. Adidas has gone on to release a wide range of Stan Smith colourways and designs over the past decade. Some designs even included a Velcro option, instead of the traditional laces.

Most recently, Adidas launched Stan Smith again, launching an innovative and more sustainable shoe. Along with this, Adidas have committed to end the use of virgin plastic by 2024. The latest Stan Smith is made from rubber waste and fabric recycled laces, whilst managing to retain the shoes iconic look. The Stan Smith shoe is another truly iconic piece from Adidas, which has remained relevant for over 50 years since its creation.


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